Geoffrey and Mrs Jean Larsen.


Letter of 1951 from Geoffrey Gowlland (b. 1903), grandson of George Gowlland, to Mrs Jean Larsen, daughter of Brig. Geoffrey Cathcart Gowlland.. 


Geoff to Mrs Jean Larsen  -  2nd April 1951


Dear Mrs Larsen


I have had the pleasure of corresponding with your father, and he has been able to provide me with a great deal of up-to-date information about your section of the Family Tree. 

I am very much hoping it will be possible to meet him at some time.  I do not often manage to leave my work, but if I can get to Bournemouth I will endeavour to make an appointment to see him.  It would be most interesting to exchange gossip about the early days of our family. 

 I remember from your uncle, the late Lt.-Col. Gowlland, whom I only met just for one short period whilst he was seriously ill, that the traditions handed down on your section are rather different from those in mine. 

Enclosed is a section of the Tree.  This does not incorporate the information provided by your father about, unfortunately, I have been too busy to re-do it since then. 

You will see that back to 1710 there are not many gaps or uncertainties, although I have many entries of what is clearly the same family, because they have the same name, the same assortment of Christian names, and all lived in an area to the North of Canterbury in Kent going back to the very early 16th century. 

Unfortunately the two churches in Canterbury where most of the records were stored were destroyed in the blitz, and I think it is going to be almost impossible now to do very much more about a continuous line. 

I understand that you are may be staying with your friends in Wallington later on in the year and would ask you please to telephone us once again, as I should be very glad to meet you. 

Yours sincerely



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