Geoffrey & Constance Gowlland correspondence.


Letters of 1961 between Geoffrey Gowlland (b. 1903) and Constance Gowlland

Constance was an unmarried Australian relative whose descent we are able to trace back to Joseph and Susannah.  At the time Geoff corresponded with her she had been for many years a Senior Buyer for an Australian Department Store.  Her job entailed regular trips overseas and, for example, we have a record of her arriving in New York on 19th May 1936 on the SS "Aquitania", the port of departure being Southampton, England.


Constance Gowlland to Geoff  -  13th March 1949


Dear Mr Gowlland

Many thanks for your kind invitation, [and I] will be delighted to get in touch with you on my return from Paris – where I am going this morning, also Italy and Prague.

I can see my Father and Mother, Amy, Violet and Fred on the Family Tree; but can help you add to that branch.

I will phone you on my return in three weeks’ time.

Yours sincerely



Constance Gowlland to Geoff -  2nd April 1949


Dear Mr Gowlland

Would you by chance be able to get for John Gowlland one “620” film adaptor to suit 9cm x 12cm Plate Camera?

I have tried unsuccessfully to get one in London.  I leave early on Thursday morning, so if you should be able to do this, our office will pay for it and send it on to Sydney for me.

I did enjoy my evening at your home, and will send on any news I can gather for your “Tree”.

With kindest regards to you all   . . . .   Sincerely yours


Geoff to Constance Gowlland  -  21st February 1951


Dear Miss Gowlland

When you came down to dinner at our home nearly two years ago, I took a photograph, and was quite under the impression that I had sent it to you.

On looking through some old correspondence, however, I am rather ashamed to find that this got filed away with your note about the camera adaptor for your nephew, and, therefore, it is sent to you now, [but], we are afraid, distinctly out of date.

Constance Gowlland with Rosemary and Geoff c 1949

The immediate reason for looking through the old files was that information has just been given us that a Mrs G E Simpson has just died in Australia, apparently the daughter of Mr T H Gowlland and Mrs F Gowlland, and I have not got these on my Tree.

I am therefore enclosing a manuscript copy of the senior branch of the Family Tree: you will see yourself on the right hand side, but if you could give me any additional information, I really would be most grateful.

We all hope that, when you next have occasion to come to England, you will not hesitate to get in touch with us: we shall be glad to see you again.

Hoping you are well   . . . .   Yours sincerely



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