Geoffrey & Richard A Gowlland correspondence.


Letters of 1952 between Geoffrey Gowlland (b. 1903) and Richard Archie Gowlland (son of Richard Gowlland b. 1852)


Geoff to Richard A Gowlland  -  6th December 1952


Dear Sir

For many years I have been preparing a “Tree” of the Gowlland family and I have just heard from your brother Charles Gowlland of Vancouver that you are living in England.

Your name “Richard” has appeared several times in each generation for the last two hundred years, but I have to confess that I cannot quite fit in you or your father Richard, who was born at Highgate Park in 1852.

Do you by any chance know who our grandfather was?  If so, I would very much appreciate [it] if you would be kind enough to let me know as I would like to get the whole tree, which now contains 130 names, as up to date as possible.

I have been told that a Sub-Lieutenant Richard Gowlland has just appeared on the Navy List: would this by any chance be a son of yours?

Yours sincerely



Richard A Gowlland to Geoff -  11th December 1952


Dear Sir

In answer to your letter asking me if I can give you any information about my grandfather, I am afraid I cannot; but I know that my father was in the Salvation Army when he left England, so I have wondered if you could get the information you wanted through them.

I myself have two sons and one daughter.  Richard John, aged 32, late of the Canadian Army; and Peter Charles, 27, who is a Leading Seaman in the Royal Navy – he went in as a boy of thirteen.  My daughter Jane Helen, 25, is married with two daughters.

If I can give you any further information, I shall be very pleased to do so.


Yours sincerely


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