Geoffrey and Rev. Geoffrey Gowlland Correspondence.


Letter of 1942 to Geoffrey Gowlland (b. 1903), grandson of George Gowlland, from Rev. Geoffrey Gowlland (b.1903), great grandson of Thomas Sankey Gowlland, and son of Edward Lake Gowlland. 


Rev Geoffrey Gowlland's letter to Geoff



Family Tree attached by Rev Geoffrey Gowlland to above letter

Rev. Geoffrey Gowlland to Geoff  -  22nd November 1961


Dear Sir

I am not surprised that you are wondering who I am!  You have me clearly on the “Tree” – but in my former occupation as Captain, Royal Navy.  Since retiring I have become a “Clerk in Holy Orders”.  My father was Edward Lake Gowlland. 

You were in correspondence with my mother in 1946, and I think you may have made contact with my Uncle, Brigadier Geoffrey Cathcart Gowlland, who lives near Christchurch. 

Your branch of the family and mine seem to go back quite a long way before finding a Common Ancestor – eighteenth century Stephen and Elizabeth who apparently produced an enormous family. 

I am sure you know details of my branch – but I enclose a little ‘tree’ in case you don’t.  Incidentally, my twin brother’s name is LANGTON, not Ian. 

Next time you come this way, perhaps we could make each other’s acquaintance. 

It would indeed be a kindness if you could let me have a copy of the tree with your researches.

 Yours sincerely


PS   I have not come across John Vancouver Gowlland before.  My first wife came from Vancouver.  A Gt Uncle (or Gt. Gt. Uncle) who was in the R.N. [Royal Navy].  Surveyed several parts of the Coast thereabouts  -  hence “Gowlland Harbour”, “Gowlland Rock” etc.

 PPS   You will see that my branch is going to be extinct – no sons anywhere!


The letter is annotated in Geoff’s writing “Replied 30.XII.61” but no trace remains.


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