Thomas and Mary Sankey Gowlland and their descendants

Thomas Sankey Gowlland, a Chief Officer in the Coastguards, was born in October 1805 in Canterbury, Kent, the son of Richard Symons Gowlland and Sarah nee Sankey. He married Mary Ewing on 20 September 1831 at the parish church of Columbkill, Co. Donegal and died on 6th February 1872 in Crayford, Kent.. Mary had died on 30th October 1862 aged 50. They had nine children


1. Anne Gowlland was born on 9 July 1832 in Columbkill, and died unmarried on 24 October 1894.

 The Joscelynes.

2. Mary Louisa Gowlland was born in Shellness, Leysdown, Kent in 1834, and baptized on 18 November of that year. She married Rev. Henry Joscelyne in Leigh on Sea, Essex on 30 August 1855 and died in Bournemouth in 1923. They had nine children:


2.1      Louisa Elizabeth (Lilly) Joscelyne was born in 1857. She married Arthur George Luke, a Civil Engineer, in 1884. There appear to have been no children of the marriage.

2.2    Henry Maurice Joscelyne, astronomer and meteorologist, was born in 1860 and died in Melbourne Australia in 1949. He married Gertrude Louise Tremlett in 1885 and moved to Australia. They had three children:

2.2.1        Alice Mary was born in 1886 and died in infancy.

2.2.2        Francis Henry (Frank) was born in 1886 and killed in action on the Western front in 1916.

2.2.3        Arthur Kenneth was born in 1891 and was killed in action on the Western Front in 1917. 

                  2.3   Mary Ewing Joscelyne a schoolmistress was born in 1862. She died unmarried in 1933.             

2.4    Herbert Cathcart Joscelyne, a land agent, was born in 1863 and married Suzanne Elizabeth Long Price in 1905. He died in 1947. They had one child:

                    2.4.1 Madi Rosamund who married a Milward in 1942 and died without  issue in 1955. 

2.5    Alice Emma Joscelyne a nursing sister decorated in the South African War was born in 1865 and died unmarried in 1951.   Here is a photograph of her in uniform, accompanied by a colleague.


2.6   Arthur Edwin Joscelyne a medical practitioner was born in 1867, married Emily Vivien Gurney in 1895 and died in 1950. They had three children:

2.6.1        Muriel Vivien a medical practitioner who died unmarried in 1955.

2.6.2        Lawrence Arthur MC killed in action in 1917.                

2.6.3        Mary Ewing who married Baron JAA von Tyszka and had two children: Sonia married to Perry and has issue. Conrad ?died unmarried. 

2.7    Ethel Joscelyne was born in 1869, married Frederick Guniss Beatty, a bank manager, in 1904, and died without issue.  

                  2.8.   Edward Walter Joscelyne MD was born in 1871 married Constance Emily Warren Beasley in 1897 and died in February 1953. They had                two children:

2.8.1        Doris Ewing a medical practitioner was born in 1898, married Dr. Angus Gordon Heron in 1928 and died in 1992. They had three children:

   A Colles married C Leach in 1956. They have two children: A who was born in 1958 and married H in 1979. They have two children:  S who was born in 1987  R born in 1989. V who was born in 1960 and married K in 1986. 

   P J and has three daughters.

   J married J. They have a son



                      2.8.2 Patrick Cathcart Joscelyne a medical practitioner was born in 1901

                                 married (1) Rosalind Effie Whitcombe qv 4.3.3 in 1932 and (2) :  Vera August Hughes in 1939.

                                    Patrick and Rosalind had 2 children
 Anne Gowlland was born in 1933 and married Oswald Hull in 1959. They have three sons:        J was born in 1961 and married Y in 1989. They have two children:  S who was born in 1990.   G who was born in 1992.        R was born in 1962 and has two children with his partner Jane:  A who was born in 1996  A who was born in 2000.

                                           C who was born in 1965.

                          Richard Patrick Joscelyne was born in 1934 and married (1) Vera Lucia Mello in 1961 and (2) Rita Irangani Dias in 1988.

                                              Richard and Vera Lucia had two children:    P was born in 1963.    R was born in 1964.


        2.9          Dr. Frederick Percy Joscelyne MC was born in 1874 married (1) Stella Mary Gillot in 1903 and (2) Gwendoline Mary Ruttledge in 1933 and died in 1950. Frederick and Stella had three children:

2.9.1        Peter Henry was born in 1906 married Ursula Moon and died  in 1958. They had two sons: Hugh  Nigel

                              2.9.2  Richard Andrew MC was born in 1909. He married Jeanne Erskine Symons in 1940 and died in 1992. They had two

                                       children:  Sarah Anne Col Andrew OBE


                                   2.9.3  Gerald St. George was born in 1914. He married (2) Sheila Shelton and died in 1974. They had three children:  Roger.  Nicholas.  Stella Madi


3.    John Thomas Ewing (Jack) Gowlland was born on 10 July 1838 in Shellness, Leysdown, Kent. He married Genevieve Lord in 1865 in Sydney Australia and was drowned in Sydney Harbour on 10 July 1874.  [For his biography, click here] They had three children:

            3.1 John Vancouver C.R. Gowlland was born in 1866. He married Lucy Dexter in 1891 and had four children:

                        3.1.1 Genevieve Dorothy who died unmarried.

                        3.1.2 John Robert, a Surveyor, who was born in 1896 married Ivy Broderick in 1919 and had three children:

                           Dorothy who was born in 1919 and married P. Bugden.

                           John Hollingsworth who was born in 1922 and married Dorothy Mercer in 1947, having four children:

                                       C born in 1951,

                                       L born in 1955,


                                       J born in 1962.

                        3.1.3 Maude who married Harold Dixon Cox in 1941 and had two children:

                           Julia who married D. Richard Lord

                           John who married Margaret Grace.

                        3.1.4 Gwendolyn (Constance Maude) who married E. T. Lewis in 1935 and had three children:

                           Richard who married Pam Stones,

                           Dorothy who married (1) B. Twigg and (2) Ian Mortimer,

                           John who married ?Rita and died in 1994.

3.2 Percy H. was born in 1867 and married Florence McArthur in 1900. They had eight children:

3.2.1 Ruth E. was born in 1900. She married Leonard P Harrison in 1935.

3.2.2  Mary ME was born in 1903. She married Charles S Barsby in 1925.

3.2.3 Genevieve E was born in 1905. She married Harold C Simpson in 1936.

3.2.4 Enid E was born in 1909. She married George S Simpson in 1933.

3.2.5  Sylvia Elizabeth Ewing was born in 1912. She married Gordon A Macnevin in 1937.

3.2.6  Donnelly A was born in 1914

3.2.7  Eleanor was born in 1916. She married Alan D Barron in 1941

3.2.8   George Richard was born in 1919  

3.3        Mary Maude was born in 1870. She married Commander Chance RN. No known issue.

 The Whitcombes.

4.      Sarah Maria Gowlland (‘Trot’) was born on 13th April 1841 and married Dr. Philip Whitcombe in 1858.



                    She died in 1922. They had four children: 

4.1      Philip Percival Whitcombe a medical practitioner was born in 1859 and died in 1914. He married Blanche Beatrice Busbridge and had six children:

4.1.1        Gwendolen Blanche born in 1887 and died unmarried in 1954.

4.1.2        Margaret Stuart born in 1889, married Roland Moore MBE in 1913 and died in 1960 leaving two daughters. .

4.1.3        Denys Mavesyn Percival was born in 1890. A medical practitioner, he married Phyllis Margaret Mellon in 1927 and had a daughter:  Denise Margaret who was born on 1929.

4.1.4        Richard Cuthbert Percival a medical practitioner was born in 1891 and married Ethel Dorothy Aitken in 1933.

4.1.5        Hilda Monica was born in 1894 and married Major General Sir Drummond Inglis in 1919. They had two sons and two daughters.

4.1.6        Philip Harold born in 1900 and died unmarried in 1961.

             4.2   Robert Whitcombe born January 1861 and buried on 6 September 1861   aged 8 months

4.2       Right Reverend Robert Henry Whitcombe DD Archdeacon and Suffragan Bishop of Colchester was born in 1862 married Annie Maria Vernon Evans in 1892 and died in 1922. They had six sons and two daughters:

4.2.1        Major General Philip Sidney Whitcombe CB OBE was born in 1893, married Madeline Leila Brydges in 1919 and had two sons:  John Henry was born in 1920 married Beatrice Meynell and had two daughters:        Sarah Rose who was born in 1946.        Clarissa Beatrice who was born in 1949.  Philip Arthur was born in 1923, married in 1954 Hon. Rosemary Anne Heather Colville and had two children:        R born in 1955.        S born in 1957.

4.2.2        Elizabeth Maude was born in 1895, married Rev Charles Steer in 1913 and had two sons and a daughter.

4.2.3        Lt. Col. Arthur Cyril Whitcombe RA MBE was born in 1897 and married Angela Mary Stella Barclay in 1925. They had two daughters  Anne Felicity Mary was born in 1927. She married Lt. Col R N Ohlenschlager in 1948. They had three children:        C was born in 1950.        R was born in 1952.        S was born in 1954.  Jill Shirley was born in 1932.


4.2.4        Col. Henry Maurice Whitcombe MBE RE was born in 1900 and married Flora Ileene Frain in 1926. They had three children:  Pamela Flora Ileene was born in 1927   Drinagh Mary was born in 1929 and married Victor Richard Sweet in 1952. They had two children:        J who was born in 1955.        A born in 1956.  Jean Margaret who was born in 1931.


4.2.5        Edgar Vernon Whitcombe CBE, Barclays Bank, was born in 1906 and married Betty Ainsworth in 1929. They had two children:  Hugh Robert Vernon was born in 1933 and married Prudence Lacey Bottomley in 1962. They had one son:        D born in 1964.  Susan Jane who was born in 1936 and married David Pepper in 1956. They had three children:        V who was born in 1957.        E who was born in 1960.        B who was born in 1960.


4.2.6        Rev Guy Roland OBE was born in 1909 married Elizabeth Josephine Helen Garforth-Bles in 1936. They had one son:  G who was born in 1950.


4.2.7        Christopher John was born in 1913 and married Rosemary Marsden in 1950. They had three children S who was born in 1951. R who was born in 1955. J who was born in 1957.


4.2.8        Catherine Mary was born in 1914 and married Edmund Charles Richards in 1954.


4.3          William Sandford Whitcombe MD a medical practitioner was born in 1864 and married his cousin Josephine Miriam Gowlland qv 6.3 in 1902. They had four children:

4.3.1        Robert William who was born in 1904 and died in 1927.

4.3.2        Katherine Marjorie MBE who was born in 1905 married Lt Col V. E Tindale Davis in 1949 and died in 1993. 

4.3.3     Rosalind Effie was born in 1906. She married (1) Patrick Cathcart Joscelyne qv 2.8.2 and (2) John Adams by whom she had two daughters: Veronica Mary who was born in 1941 Penelope Rosalind who was born in 1944. She married (1) Nectarios Katsoulis and (2) Ivan Helmer. By her first marriage she has a daughter E who was born in 1977. 

4.3.4     Horace Mervyn Whitcombe was born in 1907 and married Iris Joan Moenich in 1935. They had two children:

    Juliet who was born in 1940. She married Keith Phillips in 1965 and has two children:        T who was born in 1968        P who was born in 1970 and married S in 2003.

                           Peter Mavesyn was born in 1943. He married Susan Piesley in 1968 and has one son:

                                       D who was born in 1973.


4.4          Arthur Whitcombe an underwriter at Lloyds was born in 1868 and died unmarried in 1937.


5.  James Gowlland a ?Lieutenant in the Royal Navy was born on the 19th April 1843 in Tresco, Scilly Isles and died of yellow fever in October/November 1860 in Jamaica.   [For James Gowlland's biography, click here, and for his letter to his mother click here]


 6. Richard Sankey Gowlland was born on 26 October 1845 at Tresco in the Scilly Isles and married Katherine Jessica Lake (Jessie) in 1875. He died on 14 January 1886.  [For his biography, click here] They had six children:

6.1   Lt. Col Edward Lake DSO RAMC a medical practitioner was born on 14 December 1876.

    He married (1) Dorothy Thornhill and (2) Molly Alexander. By his first marriage he had twin sons:

6.1.1        Captain Geoffrey Gowlland RN, a naval officer and then clergyman, who married (1) Dorothy Proctor who died in 1942 and (2) Linda White by whom he had a daughter:  Jessica who was born in 1949. She married Robert Kingsley in 1972 and they have two daughters:        J who was born in 1975        O who was born in 1978.


6.1.2        Commander Langton Gowlland RN was born in 1903 and died in 2002. He married (1) Monica Collins in 1929 and (2) Audrey Vera Lacey Walter. By his first marriage he had two daughters:  Jill was born in 1930 and married Peter Burnham in 1963. They had two daughters: S born in 1964 and married C. They have three daughters:

     O who was born in 1992

                                                     (birth date unknown)

                                                   who was born in 1994.

                                       E who was born in 1965, is married and has a daughter X who was born in 2002.  Wendy was born in 1931 and married John Mountford in 1953. They have four children:        T who was born in 1954        T who was born in 1958 and married J in 1987. They have three children:  M who was born in 1988  A who was born in 1990  M who was born in 1993.        S was born in 1961 and married C in 1987. They have three children:  H who was born in 1992  E who was born in 1994  L who was born in 1996.        S was born in 1965 and married M in 1995. They have four children:  M who was born in 1996  S who was born in 1998.  J who was born in 2000.  J was born in 2002.


      6.2     Katherine (Kitty) was born in 1878


            Kitty died unmarried in 1913.

      6.3     Josephine Miriam (Effie) was born in 1880 and married her cousin William Sandford Whitcombe qv 4.3 in 1902 and died in 1977.


      6.4     Mildred Mary was born in 1881, married Walter Hunt in 1910 and died in 1974. They had two sons:

            6.4.1 Richard Stephen who was born in 1911 and died unmarried in 1969

6.4.2        Patrick Gowlland Hunt who was born in 1913 and died in 1973. He married (1) Mona Alice Yelverton Dawson, and (2) Joyce Thornton.  By his first marriage he had a daughter:  Anne Louise Yelverton who was born in 1945 and married John Watts in 1969. They have three children:        R who was born in 1972 and is married to C        V who was born in 1975        M who was born in 1979.


      6.5 Leonard was born in 1883 and died in 1885.


      6.6 Brigadier Geoffrey Cathcart, Royal Engineers, was born in 1885 and died in 1980. He married Vera Marriot Smith in 1912. They had a daughter:

           6.6.1 Jean who was born in 1917 and married Knut Larsen. They had two daughters:

            Janet who was born in 1935 and married David Wareham.  They have a daughter:

                           R who was born in 1974 and has a  son:

                                G who was born in 1998.

             Anne who was born in 1944 and married Robert Saye. They have a daughter:

                           A who was born in 1977.


7.  Frederick William Nichol Gowlland, a banker with the Commercial Bank, was born in Hadleigh; Essex on 25th April 1848. He arrived in New South Wales on 26 January 1866 and married Augusta Welman in 1874. He drowned in Botany Bay in 1897. They had seven children:

7.1    Amy Mary who was born in 1876 and died in 1896.

7.2    Violet who was born in1878 and died in 1890.

             7.3    Frederick Welman who was born on 4th May 1910, married Alice May Cook (1885-1972) in 1909 and died in 1928. They had one son:

7.4.1        John Frederick, who was born in 1910, married Beatrice Valmai Booth (1915-1989) in 1938 and died in 1987. They had three children:

   Carolyn who married David. They have three children.

   John who never married

   Wendy and partner Christopher.  They have two children.

            7.5    An unnamed child who died at birth on 29 October 1881.

               7.6    Constance, senior buyer for the David Jones Department Store, was born on the 1st September 1883 and died on 26 October 1976. 

                     [For her letters to Geoffrey Gowlland, click here]

7.7.      Phyllis May, also a buyer for David Jones, was born on 20th June 1887 and died on 25th May 1981.

7.8.      Harvey Cameron Welman was born in 1890 and died in 1891.

7.9.      Leanore was born in 1893 and died on 14th May 1937


 The Olivers.

8. Eliza Celia Gowlland was born on 23 April 1851 in Leigh on Sea, Essex and married Alexander Oliver in Sydney Australia in 1875. She died on 1 April 1921 in Hornsby, New South Wales. They had nine children, four sons and five daughters: 

8.1   Marcius John Alexander Oliver was born on 22 December 1875 and married Lucy M Darlington on 9 March 1912. He died on 6 January 1946 at Port Macquarie. They had a son and a daughter:

                    8.1.1 Alexander Oliver who was born in 1916 and married Thelma Joan Hinton on 28 September 1946.

                    8.1.2 Vivian Lucas Oliver who was born on 26 September 1919 and married Jean Cameron and had a son:

                    Bruce Cameron Oliver born 18 December 1946.

8.2.   Dorothea Celia Mary Oliver was born in 1877 and died on 22 February 1928. She married Basil Burgess and had one son and one daughter.

8.3    Katherine Alice Oliver was born in 1878 and died in 1900.

8.4     Helen Ruth Oliver was born in about June 1880 and married Henry Ewen Hayes.

8.5     Richard Arthur Egbert Oliver who was born in about September 1881 and died in 1906.

8.6     Edith Constance Oliver died in 1901. 

8.7    Francis Badham Oliver, a Lieutenant in A.I.F in WWI, was born on 26 July 1884 and married Ethel R Stokes on 29 June 1922 and has issue:

                     8.7.1  John M.B. B.S. (Syd.) born 19 November 1923.

8.8      Blanche Marjorie Oliver married Rev. Norman Burgess and has a son and two daughters.

8.9     Dalley George Tryon who was born in 1888 and married Elizabeth Mary Agnes Camden in 1923 and has issue.

                          8.9.1. Richard Dalley born 16 April 1926 married Jocelyn Mary Castleden 28 August 1945.


9. .Emily Gowlland. died an infant in 1854?

[Source - Richard Joscelyne - August 2005]


Also, here is a reproduction of an early section of The Sankey Pedigree, showing the Gowlland connection   . . .



Note the reference to the existence of a Gowl(l)and Family Pedigree  -  no trace exists of it, unfortunately.


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